Logo ScaleaScalea is a company specialising in the design of innovative products. With a staff of 6, the company operates in fields as varied as outdoor sports, medical equipment and transport.

Scalea has benefited from French fiscal advantages for several years. When the time came to renew its CIR accreditation, the question arose of choosing a project that had the characteristics of a research project (per the CIR definition) representative of the company’s know-how.

With the help of Benkei, Scalea assessed several recent projects that had led its team to tackle scientific and technical barriers. The choice fell on a project presenting a real uncertainty and for which a solid state of the art had been achieved. The research work led to find a solution also followed a well-documented experimental approach.

This project served as the basis for the application to renew the CIR accreditation, which was finally granted for 3 years.