Benkei (pronounce bèn-ké-i) 

BenkeiBenkei (弁慶) is a sōhei (“warrior-monk”). He was a loyal companion of the Samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

He is a popular subject of Japanese folklore (kabuki, Noh theatre, or today manga and video games), and is generally described as strong and loyal.

As a consulting firm, Benkei’s consultants are inspired by his values of loyalty and honor, as well as his ability to ‘put himself at the service of others‘.

Benkei at a glance

  • 2013

    Luc Ragon creates Benkei.

  • 2014

    2 consultants are hired, the Benkei adventure really begins • The first framework agreement is signed •  Benkei is elected to the ACI Board of Directors.

  • 2017

    Pierre Alfonsi joins Benkei as Associate and Managing Director.

  • 2018

    Benkei signs its hundredth customer, and concludes its first European contract (“Grant Agreement”) as a partner (Terminus).

  • 2019

    Benkei obtains the OPQCM qualification for the categories ‘Finances and insurances’, and ‘Project Management’.

  • 2020

    Benkei is cofounder of EAIC, the European Association of Innovation Consultants.

  • 2021

    Project coordination activity accelerates • Fabienne Brutin and her team join Benkei.

  • 2022

    Benkei moves to its new offices in Lyon, and opens an office in Grenoble.

  • 2023

    Benkei now employs more than 20 people •  Luc Ragon is elected President of EAIC • Benkei obtains the OPQCM qualification for the categories ‘A – Strategic Management’ ; ‘D – Operational Management’ et ‘E – Finance’.

Partners and ecosystem

Benkei is a recognized and referenced company at regional, national and European levels. Benkei plays an active role in the innovation ecosystem: customers, partners, funders, public authorities, competitiveness clusters, etc.

This conviction that we are part of a dynamic and useful ecosystem is also reflected in our active participation in professional associations.

As part of the Conseil Performance Entreprise program, Benkei is one of the consulting firms selected by the CCI AURA for Lot 7, Individual Business Consulting on the Innovation theme. Benkei's consultants are Luc RAGON, Nadège BOCCON and Elodie SOLLIER.

Some of our consultants (list available on request) are accredited by Bpifrance under the Diag Europe and Diag PTI schemes.  

Benkei is a partner in numerous EU-funded European projects and is involved in their implementation (management and steering, communication and dissemination).  

The OPQCM qualification, obtained by Benkei in 2019, attests to its professionalism, competence, know-how and customer satisfaction. Benkei is certified in the following categories: 'A - Strategic Management'; 'D - Operational Management' and 'E - Finance'.  

Benkei is a founding member of EAIC, the European Association of Innovation Consultants. Luc Ragon has been President of the EAIC since June 2023. The EAIC brings together more than 50 European innovation consultancies firms, operating in 28 countries. EAIC facilitates the exchange of experience and best practices between its members and promotes professional expertise in European RDI projects.  

Benkei adheres to the code of conduct published by the European Innovation Council. Through the EAIC, Benkei has actively participated in the drafting and dissemination of this code of conduct, which is required and recognized by the European authorities.

Benkei is an active member and administrator of ACI, the Association des Conseils en Innovation. ACI is a professional association of 71 consulting firms operating in France. ACI promotes the exchange of knowledge, experience and foresight between its members and the players in the innovation ecosystems, to contribute to the emergence of a French collective of excellence in the field of innovation.

Benkei is a member of France Innovation, an association of service providers in the fields of research and technological development, companies offering innovative products, processes, or services, and those involved in consulting and supporting innovation.

Benkei is a member of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises (ARAE), a regional business development agency.    

Benkei is a member of Polymeris, the French competitiveness cluster for rubber, plastics and composites. With 530 members, including 380 manufacturers, Polymeris offers services to all manufacturers to help them develop new R&D projects, encourage and promote innovation and expand at the international level.  

Benkei is a partner of Euronovia, which supports research and innovation players in accessing European funding.

Benkei is a partner of Ayming, one of the leading French consulting firms specializing in improving the operational and financial performance of companies, particularly in  in innovation consulting.  

Benkei works closely with ETHER AVOCATS, a company dedicated to tax incentives for research and innovation.

Benkei works with ISARA, a leading engineering school in agronomy, agri-food and environment. Luc RAGON is involved in the GIDE (Gestion de l'Innovation et Développement de l'Entreprise) program and Benkei is a member of the Zesteur consultants' club.    

TUBÀ is the Greater Lyon hub for data, responsible digital and urban transition. Benkei has been working with TUBÀ since 2014 and is an active member.

The métropole de Lyon has funded Benkei's first carbon footprint assessment through its Sustainable Business Transformation program.

Some of Benkei's consultants are recognized by INPI as part of the "Master Class IP" support program.

Benkei is a partner of MAOBI, which catalyses the eco-responsible transformation of companies and brands, from strategy to the eco-design of their offerings.  

Benkei’s commitment approach

In 2021, Benkei has decided to prioritize its Corporate Social Responsibility policy and make it one of the company’s main intangible resources.

Benkei has also selected several sustainable development goals to guide its commitment.

A low-carbon approach

A low-carbon approach

A low-carbon approach

We are aware of the urgency of the climate change issue. That is why our first lever of engagement is to move towards a low-carbon approach. We are convinced that it is our duty to actively contribute to preserving the environment for future generations. To this end, in 2023, with the help of Lyon Metropole and the support of WeCount, we have drawn up our first carbon footprint and our decarbonization plan.



The innovation in the service of environmental and social urgencies

The innovation in the service of environmental and social urgencies

The innovation in the service of environmental and social urgencies

Benkei is convinced that innovation offers concrete solutions to social and environmental problems. By working on projects with a strong social impact, Benkei supports its clients in developing and enhancing the positive impact of research and innovation.



A sustainable, thoughtful growth driven by engaged and fulfilled teams

A sustainable, thoughtful growth driven by engaged and fulfilled teams

A sustainable, thoughtful growth driven by engaged and fulfilled teams

Working alongside its clients, Benkei has made structural choices to involve its consultants and clients in its growth, in particular by connecting the entire team to the company’s capital and by having a horizontal organizational structure.

The gender equality

The gender equality

The gender equality

Benkei strives to highlight the successes and achievements of female innovators and entrepreneurs to fight stereotypes related to technical or entrepreneurial careers, in particular through mentoring programs and collaborations with dedicated networks and incubators.