DATE : 2023 – 2028

BUDGET : € 12.1M


ROLE OF BENKEI : Support to project management

This project is funded by the French Government in the framework of France 2030.

Grant allocated by Bpifrance : € 8.2M


The partners in the (Re)Génération Fruit project are developing a systemic approach that combines various innovative technologies to improve the quality of apples and the overall health of living organisms.

The (Ré)Génération Fruit project aims to accelerate the agro-ecological transition of French fruit production in a rational and robust way in order to achieve greater environmental performance and economic sustainability.

This innovation project, which will run from 2023 to 2028, is coordinated by Blue Whale and includes 5 main partners representing the entire value chain, from the agricultural, industrial and scientific sectors: Micropep, Asclepios Tech, INRAE, Purpan and Maf Roda.


  • Develop agricultural practices that better respect the environment and human health.
  • Rethinking cultivation programs
  • Testing and validating new cultivation methods in order to disseminate them throughout the sector.
  • Maintaining the technical and economic performance of orchards and maintaining or even improving production quality.
  • Addressing the challenges facing the sector and strengthening our approach to agronomic and social issues

“Produce better & produce good”