Curium is an expert in the management of major environmental risks, working on decontamination, clean-up and radiation protection projects when several risks are combined. To meet its customers’ needs, Curium systematically develops ad-hoc solutions, innovating in particular in the associated methodological approaches.

Benkei has been supporting Curium since 2018 in the implementation of the Research Tax Credit, working closely with scientific and technical managers to help determine whether or not operations conducted are eligible. Once this work is done, Benkei works on the valuation of associated expenses, in close collaboration with the administrative and financial teams, and then collects the information needed to justify the corresponding expenses. In addition to securing the supporting documentation thus obtained, Benkei’s involvement helps to ensure a cross-functional approach between projects, particularly when they are financed via direct grants, and thus guarantees that the company’s innovation strategy is consistent with its ambitions.

“Benkei has a very rapid understanding of our research projects and is highly autonomous in drafting the necessary documents.” Renaud Vencatassin, President of CURIUM.