SEED Biosciences is a biotech spinoff from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). SEED has developed and commercialized the DISPENCELL; an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy, and gentle single cell isolation. DISPENCELL is a pipetting robot designed to be compact, gentle, and intuitive, yet compliant with the most stringent regulatory standards. Designed by scientists for scientists, flexible and effortless, DISPENCELL has been thought to quickly integrate any lab routine in a plug-and-play approach. Its unique technology guarantees gentle dispensing, thus better cell viability and cloning efficiency. A single cell analysis software tool provides immediate and traceable proof of clonality report. DISPENCELL is an enabler for personalized medicine allowing scientists to isolate single cells reliably and cost-effectively by reducing lab time and validation time.


Benkei contributed to the valorisation of DISPENCELL technology by, among others, preparing application notes and supporting the writing and submission of scientific publications.