Manutech-USD is an Economic Interest Group (EIG) specializing in femtosecond laser surface engineering and functionalization, for all types of materials and for all industries. It brings together 4 academic laboratories and 2 industrial partners, and operates an Equipment of Excellence, for the benefit of research projects and industrial services. Being a dynamic interface between academics and industrial players, Manutech-USD gathers around 300 scientists in : advanced materials and surface engineering, optics and photonics, manufacturing systems and processes.

GIE MANUTECH-USD is looking to expand its activities and international visibility. To achieve this, collaborative European Research and Innovation projects are a strong lever for visibility and international expansion.

Benkei helped GIE MANUTECH-USD to define and implement a strategy for accessing European projects, so that the company can get involved in a growing number of European Research and Innovation projects. This mission resulted in the following actions:

  • Strategic analysis of GIE MANUTECH-USD’s projects and objectives,
  • Analysis of funding opportunities,
  • Detailed mapping of European projects,
  • Identification of potential partners and European networks,
  • Positioning GIE MANUTECH-USD as a partner in European projects.

Benkei was able to support us in our desire to participate in European projects. Whether it was to bring up relevant calls for projects, to direct us to the right partners, or to help us promote ourselves to the adequate funding bodies, the mission assigned was successfully conducted, and contributed to the development of our company. Thank you for your professionalism, your perseverance, and your kindness throughout this mission !

Nicolas COMPERE, Vice President Business Development & Innovation