The Polyfloss Factory sets up circular plastic economies in humanitarian and developing contexts. The company has invented a patented technology for fiber-forming plastic waste that is transportable, versatile and accessible, for situations where waste management and industrial recycling are not feasible. The company produces, supplies, installs, trains and supports local players on this technology, with the aim of reducing plastic waste, generating activity in difficult contexts, and manufacturing essential products, such as building materials or insulating textiles.

Benkei has been with us from the beginning, helping us to identify the public funding schemes that correspond to our activity and stage of development, and then defining a strategy over several years. Then, they helped us to apply to these funding calls, to get in touch with the key players in the right funding agencies and to structure our R&D needs, both in terms of technical and financial aspects to respond to these calls.

Our collaboration with Benkei has not only been fruitful, as we have so far obtained all the grants we applied for, but also particularly fluid and adapted to our resources and challenges. Benkei is a key and trusted partner in our development.

Emile De Visscher, Co-founder – Research & Development Deal